Jam Herald is an attempt to aggregate game jam dates and info into one place, as well as offer insights and advice from  game jam organizers and developers.


Jam Herald grew out of the frustration I felt as a leisurely indie game developer trying to find game jams to participate in. I happen to live in a rural part of the Midwest where the closest game jams happen 200+ miles away (north or south). So… that meant I didn’t participate in game jams 🙂 Although I’m trying to organize something where I live (which is what everyone should be doing), it seemed like all the events I could participate in were either happening months later (Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam), or had shut down over the past few years. Some of my favorite games have come out of game jams and I think it’s a really important experience for budding developers like myself.

After searching long and deep within the caverns of the world wide web, I found that there was in fact a good amount of  game jams going on each month with immense variety in theme, structures, and participating communities. Trouble was, I had to go find and bookmark the 20+ game jam sites I found by myself. I figured there had to be some website, some Twitter-bot, some… anything, that kept track of all these events so people could be informed about them. But there were none. So I figured I’d do it. The result is Jam Herald.



twitter image

Jam Herald is maintained by Austin Dixon aka Ninth Power.

Austin is a Biochemistry undergraduate student and unyielding Python proponent. He can also explain the theory of anthropogenic climate change pretty well.

Twitter: @austinadixon  /  Email: jamheraldmail@gmail.com  /  gamedev: studiotrex.wordpress.com



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