LD48 Roundup #2: DEPTH BENEATH / Escape from Guardian


Two awesome entries for Round Up #2!


This is a fantastic entry! The best I’ve played so far hands down, it’s that good. DEPTH BENEATH is like a cyberpunk-themed Super Crate Box where you move from level to level by completing the set task at that depth in the specified time limit. When you ‘collect 5 coins’ or ‘kill 6 enemies’, the floor opens up for the player to drop down to the next depth, offering a new challenge and a new gun. Note: you will die a lot, but the tight controls (which balance off the difficulty nicely) and all-around fun gameplay have you coming back for more. Really an awesome LD entry. If you don’t play any others, play DEPTH BENEATH.


Escape from Guardian:

Although the ending is obviously missing, Escape from Guardian is a great looking game that’s like a scarier version of The Floor is Lava: stay on the platforms or the creepy black snake-worm will eat you. You can set the difficulty in the beginning and I was super scared at 2/10 difficulty! A fun play-thru for sure.

DEPTH BENEATH made by mimic: here.

Escape from Guardian made by @Pheonise: here.




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