LD48 Roundup#1: Balancitos


Does Ludum Dare deliver or does she/he/it deliver? This is the first of the LD48 roundups I’ll do and I start you off with a cute physics game that’s all about the little peoples.

Made by Nick Zangus (@NickZangus), Balancitos is a pretty little game with a simple concept: try to keep an island full  of high-pitched little villagers from tipping over by pulling and pushing weights attached to the island’s underbelly. You see three of the four weights at a time and rotate a gear beneath the surface (SEE WHAT i DID THERE?), to access the weight on the backside. Things get hairy fast as you try to balance the weights themselves with the weights of the villagers being drawn to the sinking side of the island. It’s a simple game with a great low-poly aesthetic and breezy audio track. Check it out, give it a vote. And don’t let those little guys fall into the drink!

Play Balancitos here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=25285


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